Fall Clean Ups

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Leaf Removal Service

We offer Leaf Collection, Pickup & Removal Services which are commonly referred to as: Spring Clean ups, Fall Clean ups, Yard clean ups, or Leaf Pick ups

We strive to provide the highest level of service and client satisfaction by keeping up on the leaves throughout the fall.  Yards vary greatly around the area.  We do have customer that only need one or two cleanups.  However, typically we do three cleanups a season. The first two typically take longer and we get the bulk of leaves.  The third trip is usually a little lighter but we spend extra effort getting the leaves out of tough spots like plant beds next to your house.
Why do multiple cleanups?

The possibility of an early winter

You never know when winter is coming. If winter hits early Hopefully, we already got the bulk of your leaves picked up and can come back in the spring to finish.

Lawn health

It’s healthier for your lawn.  Having piles of leaves, especially wet leaves, sitting on your lawn can damage and even kill parts of your lawn.

Wet leaves

The closer to winter we get, the colder, wetter and less sunlight we have. Wet leaves are harder and take longer to pick up. We want to avoid a huge volume of soaking wet leaves late in the season.  Multiple leaf Pickups helps reduce the overall time it take to remove the leaves. Saving you Money. Spreading out fall cleanups often means we are picking up some of your leaves when it’s drier and the ground isn’t as soft.

Soft ground

Large cleanups late in the season means a lot of activity with heavy lawn mowers on soft ground. Spreading out the activity on your lawn with multiple cleanups helps avoid equipment blemishes or damage to your lawn.

Good neighbors

Neighbor tend to be happier when leaf removals are keep up through out the season.

Limit or eliminated the need for a Spring Cleanup

Very late in the season we can do multiple small finial cleanups on our customers yards because we have already reduced the volume of leaves.  Our fall cleanup customers often do not need a Spring cleanup.  Leaves still blow around so a few of our customers have us come back for small inexpensive spring cleanups.

Fall cleanup needed?
Leaf Pickup and Removal services are available

Fall Pickup and Removal Services
Fall Cleanup time

Rochester NY Leaf Removal Season

Spring Cleanup

Traditionally, late March early April.  Generally, we try to perform spring cleanups before the mowing season begins in earnest. The growth rate of grass in the spring is often very rapid.

Fall Cleanup

Autumn leaf colors begin in mid to late September.  Traditionally, Early to mid October is when the leafs really begin to show color and start to fall.  Weather depending, Leaf pickup and removals start late October and run until December 1st.

Discounts on Fall and Spring Cleanups

– Pay in advance, fall cleanup discount: 5%


– Leaf Removal

  • Spring Cleanup  
  • Fall Cleanup  
– Lawn Mowing
  • Weekly Mowing
  • Twice a week Mowing

Service Area

Based in the town of Greece, NY, we are proud to serve Greece, North Greece, and other nearby areas including Parts off Gates, Parma, Hilton, and Rochester, NY.


– Leaf Pickups start at $50.00
– Lawn mowings start at $20.00

Leaf Removal Equipment

Commercial Zero Turn Mower with vacuum/bagger system.
Leaf Blower

Twigs Lawn Care uses Exmark Lazer Z x-series zero turn lawn mowers

Other names for spring and Fall Cleanups:

Leaf Pick-up
Fall Yard Clean-up
Yard cleanup service
Yard Cleanup
Fall leaf Cleanup
Leaf Cleanup
Leaf cleanup Service